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An all-rounder -

outside & inside. Outsider is suitable for all weather conditions, in the garden or on the balcony, but it will cut a great figure in kitchens, offices or coffee bars just as well.














Silver anodised aluminium – plexiglas satined on both sides in 8 colours and glossy white

Legs conical, stackable

Table surface 80 cm x 80 cm, height 75 cm
Floor area 90 cm x 90 cm (conical legs)

  •     The product is assembled prior to delivery
  •     Changes in measurement and special sizes are available upon request
  •     Shipping to the US and worldwide upon request


  •     white, glossy
  •     white, luzent, matt finish
  •     yellow, luzent, matt finish
  •     orange, luzent, matt finish
  •     red, luzent, matt finish
  •     green, luzent, matt finish
  •     teal, luzent, matt finish
  •     blue, luzent, matt finish
  •     anthracite, luzent, matt finish





Everything you ever dreamed about

This multi-use table is made of silver anodised aluminium, and it is available in nine exciting colours The slight transparency of the plexiglass surfaces allows varying shades of colours to show.

A practical and easy-to-handle item that will never get in your way: Due to its conical legs, Outsider tables can always be stacked to save valuable space.





Delivery time approx. 10 weeks