Coffee Table





An Inspiring Eye Catcher.

Since M.C. Escher, perspective-related impossibilities and optical illusions in connection with infinite loops are a fascinating deception of the eye.

Infinity has an infinite loop fitting made of an iron rectangular bar that supports a transparent float glass plate. This way, the surprising asymmetry of the table rack can have its full impact.












Stainless Steel frosted – Float Glass


Stainless Steel frosted nature


  • Couch table 120 cm x 120 cm x height 43 cm
  • Side table 80 cm x 80 cm x height 43 cm




Classical. Simple Elegance.

The chilly stainless steel material is transformed to velvety haptics by breaking up the surface in the form of radiation and matting using corundum particles. This makes the glossy surface of the upper glass plate a clear contrast to the Infinity table rack which can show its full beauty through the transparent table top.
Infinity is not restricted to be used as a coffee or side table. As a special edition, Infinity is also available in any table height you require. Using a large glass plate, for example, it can be turned into an extraordinary dinner table for stylish and convenient eating.