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Flexi Tube
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Shelving System



Interior. Natural wood

All our tubes are made of high-quality beech wood in a sophisticated form wood layer procedure.

Basically, our FlexiTubes are available in natural beech wood that is coated with transparent varnish, or you can select from more than 100 different colours across the whole spectrum.

Our standard colours are natural beech wood and white. All other colours are available upon request. 







Corpus: Beech wood using a sophisticated form wood layer procedure

Tube Interior:

  • Standard colour with transparent varnish (natural beech wood)
  • Standard colour white varnish, semi gloss
  • Special colours in all colours across the spectrum

Tube Exterior:

  • EVA foam in three colours:
  • Wool felt in 11 up-to-date colours
  • Special colour wool felt melange (this colour will vary between production runs - please contact us for more information).


  • Small tube: Diameter 40 cm, depth 30 cm
  • Large tube: Diameter 50 cm, depth 30 cm
  • Special measures on request. Please contact us for more information.








Exterior. Your colour selection

The amazing tubes are available with 2 different coatings.

  • EVA foam in three colours: Black, light grey and medium grey.
  • Real natural wool felt in 12 fantastic colours.

Use your creativity and mix colours and materials just as you like.
We can provide felt samples to allow you to take a close and realistic look at the haptics and colours. Contact us if you require further information.






Two Sizes.

Unlimited Possibilities.

FlexiTube is available in 2 sizes. With 40 cm or 50 cm diameter, each 30 cm in depth. Both can be arranged in a multitude of ways.
Both ends of a rack are supported at the base using two wedges to avoid rolling.
You can also use you rack creation as a room divider, e.g. one-sided to the wall. The tubes could also be arranged on top of each other within a door frame. Just as you wish.



Fotografie Andy Brunner









hang-up your tube! wallholder availible for both tube sizes.

Illumination Tube:
round fluoreszent lamp between white plexiglass, binding in profile rubber on backside of tube.
40 Watt, color warm white