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Printlight Photo

Photolamp - the Small One Made of Plexiglass


Wall and Floor Lamp - the Big One Made of Aluminium

Flexi Tube

Shelving System

Flexi Tube Nature

Shelving System

Flexi Tube Color



extending table, conference table

Modul 001

Coffee Table

Modul 011



Coffee Table


Coffee Table


All our products are manufactured by German handicraft businesses exclusively. The finishing steps of the production and the quality control take place inhouse. This approach and our preference for regional vendors allows for lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Quality Standard

The quality of our products is always our sole focus when selecting handicraft companies and other vendors for collaboration, taking precedence over cost reductions that might have a negative impact on the quality.


…is an important mission of our company.
Our products can be customized to suit your requirements. Special measurements and innovative modifications are always possible. Implementing our customers' ideas is an important part of our service range.


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