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Coffee Table






A true master of metamorphosis

Chameleon will change according to your wishes, thus altering the function with the form.















For large rooms

The solid wooden bridge legs with their high-quality marcassar surface form an interesting contrast to the optical lightness embodied by the chilly and transparent table top made of plexiglass.



  • 160 cm x 95 cm x height 47 cm


  • Table feet: Ebony/marcassar
  • Table top: Plexiglass white, half-transparent, 10mm thickness

Various wood materials available









Adaptable to any situation

Depending on how you choose to position the two U-shaped bridge legs, they support or overlay the transparent links of the table top in three refined variants. One bridge leg crosses the other, thus filling the groove in the center to create a planar surface. Or the open groove is used as an extraordinary storage space.