extending table, conference table






World Innovation

Using for conference and large rooms.

Design: such a twin table is new - unique!

Function: while extraction you will love it!

Traditional handycraft and Oak wood

combinad with

modern materials and technologies.





photography Andy Brunner







Ease of operation

No circumstandial backfitting, no dispensable technic, no rattle! FlexiTab is the ultimative extending table - during usage user-defined prolongable...... and soooooo smoothly!

Look ahead - if single-use, you not be able to help doing it!







photography Udo Reinhardt

video production Frank Hützler







FlexiTab - variants

The idea of ​​"floating" table cover gives us the freedom to design variants that we implement with our clients.

Design appropriate for everybody - tailored to the needs of the individual - that is our strength.














Your requirements – our expertise

This table is suitable for all occasions ranging from parties to family meetings and conferences.

The amazing - available in various types of wood and fitted with alternative legs, it can be designed according to your specifications

We advise you.





Fotografie Andy Brunner







In the video you will see the ease of use extend.

Reduced to the essentials needed FlexiTab no technically complex parts and you have the greatest possibility of stepless move out

Simple solutions need clever ideas - to the absolute minimum with the highest level of luxury.